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Welcome to Custom Poem, where for you we express
Those special words of love and care you wish to confess

Whether for the newly weds or grandad's special day
Just give us lots of details of what you'd like to say

We deliver with your guidance and a little money spent
A special poem just for you fueled from your sentiment

Please take a look around our site and see what we can do
But please be warned that you may find a poem or two

We all have feelings deep within we so want to share
With special people in our lives, but the words just aren't there

That's where we come in and simply help you to convey
The feelings that you wish to share in a unique, special way

As you can guess, what we do can take a little while
So order a Custom Poem today.....
                                 .....and make your loved ones smile.

Poetry allows us to communicate our thoughts and feelings in a most beautiful way. Custom Poems are a perfect way to give someone close to you a special and memorable gift that they will treasure for a long while.

By giving somebody a personalised poem which has been customised around your real life experiences, you not only communicate your message in a timeless manner, but you give them something more than just a gift. You show them you care.

All our poems are written especially for you and from scratch. We enjoy poetry and hope to help make your occasion special, whatever it is. We can write poems for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and many other occasions.

So please take a look at our selection of poetry as a guide to what we can do. Then let us do something special for you too.



This was taken by me during one of my many days on the road. Here's a little poem to go with it...

* * * * *

Driving through a tunnel of green with nature all around
Makes me apart of this glorious earth and leaves me spellbound

Such power held in the smallest things and often overlooked
No gourmet meal compares to that which nature kindly cooked

What beauty lies around us if we live with open eyes
The truest wonders of this world often are disguised

So any time you need reminding of why you should care
Open your eyes and look around. The answer is everywhere.

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